Assembly, Quality Control, Packaging Solutions
Depending on complexity, volume and special handling requirements, products assembled by Nutron may either be built in a work cell or on a production line. Additionally, sub-assembly operations such as applying labels, ground wires and special hardware may be utilized to reduce assembly time. To remain current with any engineering changes and ensure we are building to the latest revisions, computer monitors are located throughout the facility that are tied into our engineering database. Updates to instruction sheets and supporting documentation are easily accomplished without wasting pre-printed materials. Quality control is maintained not only throughout the culture of the company, but also by engineering department “sign-offs” on final builds. Various testing requirements from UL, CSA or other safety agencies are performed and documented along with routine calibration testing. Every fixture produced by Nutron is completely tested before it leaves the factory. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t ship. All products are packaged in accordance with standard industry shipping criteria and then either drop shipped per your instructions or palletized for shipment to a distribution center. We remain transparent to your customer and pride ourselves on being an extension of your company.