Engineering, Prototyping, Testing
While the design phase concentrates on conceptual elements, engineering focuses more on the “form, fit and functional” aspects on how the product performs. Concerns regarding thermal management, light output, component replacement, and ease of installation all contribute to the development of a prototype that ultimately proves out the design concept. Additionally, prototyping also allows for sales samples, UL/CSA samples and quality control criteria to be set. Performing quality assurance checks on all prototypes helps to identify areas for potential mechanical improvement, future “value-engineering” opportunities and also aids in the development of any jigs and fixtures to simplify assembly in a production environment. Having the ability to develop and produce custom hardware for low volume applications enables Nutron to significantly improve a product by not being constrained by existing fastener availability.

Cutting, Punching, Forming
Having the right tool for the job is important but so is matching that tool or process to the production volume. Automated CNC machinery that can produce components with programming are oftentimes used when a product does not command high enough volumes to justify “hard tooling” dedicated to specific features. When our tool and die area is not building or maintaining tooling, it also functions as a CNC production cell. Our 16 station vertical machining center, 12 station production lathe with automatic bar feeder, 22 station turret press with (2) auto index positions, and  5 axis 8’ press brake can either produce complete components or perform secondary machining operations on aluminum extrusions, heat sinks, metal spinnings or injection moldings and die castings if required. Having a laser to cut patterns quickly and without any tooling greatly improves our ability to get you a representative part quickly.

Powder Coatings, Colors, Textures
We understand the important role the right finish plays in your completed product. To help us achieve superior results and efficiency, we not only fabricate custom racking to achieve maximum density but also utilize a dedicated high temperature “burn-off” oven to keep the racks clean. The end result is a better finish on the components. An aqueous cleaning system prepares the components for the application of powder paint and the automated conveyor chain moves the parts through the curing oven and ultimately to the cooling area for unracking.

If your product requires specialty or custom coatings, our finishing department can apply them off-line using a separate spray booth. Some of the capabilities we offer are:
 Painting plastic parts, such as injection moldings
 Apply textured or special effects coatings, anti-microbial
 High temperature finishes
 Custom masking to minimize overspray
 Multiple colors applied to same part

As a complete value-added supplier, we also provide pad printing with our computerized equipment. This allows the expert application of names and logos while also eliminating the need for certain information labels.
At Nutron, we are always striving to be environmentally friendly and EPA compliant.